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Puregold was born out of coincidence, while joking and teasing with other friends who were in love with the jewels that I was doing for myself! I was born a designer...I always loved design, patterns and colors, but being the daughter of a practical mom, ended up studying marketing during the 80's. It didn't take too long for me to realize that jewel design was the right thing for me to do and decided to go for it!

The initials of my name became the signature of my dream... Astrid Ulloa stands for Au, which also stands for GOLD in the table of elements. Puregold that is!

Being originally from El Salvador and currently living in Ecuador, I discovered that jewlery didn't have to be boring or dull... I wanted more colors in my pieces! and started experimenting with stones like topaz, citrines, iolites, garnets, peridots, moonstones... each stone spoke to me in such a beautiful way... they continue to offer a rainbow of possibilities to me! the colors of El Salvador, my own tropical country and the coast of Guayaquil in Ecuador continue to fill me with images and combinations of colors and textures. One day, I looked at a beautiful tree... and that's how the flora and fauna collection began!

What's next for me? I can only imagine that Puregold will continue to grow! I have satisfied the demanding tastes of women from Miami, Guatemala, El Salvador and Ecuador. They continue to ask for another exclusive design from Puregold and I am happy to deliver for them.

To me, a customer is like a friend. My clients tell me about their lifestyles, their dreams, the colors that they use in their everyday lives... and I give them little new surprises, such as my "Spider collection" (brooches of gold spiders with stones such as topaz, garnets and pearls).

Take a look at my website and dare to explore my world of colors... in Puregold!

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